Our design studio is ultimately gauged by our core expertise...understanding churches. This expertise is as unique in the industry as church buildings are to their communities. Master planning for churches is unlike any other planning exercise, requiring insight into church operations that far exceeds typical planning acumen. That unique insight and expertise is required for these common aspects of church projects:

  • Master Planning
  • Multi-Purpose Design
  • Image
  • Acoustics
  • Facilities Management

We specialize in any building type or project that a church may undertake, i.e., auditoriums, multi-purpose buildings, schools, day care, retirement centers, radio stations, real estate development, etc. Traditional church projects were typically sanctuaries, education, or multi-purpose buildings, but these other project types are the vanguard of ever-expanding church project types.

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master planning

Master Planning is the key to a successful project: here is where we define the criteria for success in the present and plan for the future as your church evolves and grows.


A church's image is the vision and mission of the ministry; we create architectural elements and experiences that support this vision in many forms.


multi-purpose design

We approach the design of a church as  a center of the community. Facilities must be flexible to adapt to a variety of needs while embodying the spirit of the congregation.