Development: Realizing the Full Potential



Our development services are ideal for churches interested in:

  • Alternate sources of revenue

  • Opportunities to advance the vision now

  • Growing its campus without financially burdening the congregation

  • Controlling the growth and expansion of its environment and image

  • Community outreach in new, popular methods

  • Senior Adult and Retirement Center ministry

  • New ways to benefit from existing assets

  • Expanding ministries but lack the capital

  • Solving traditional problems with modern solutions

If your church has property, our development expertise can help maximize its potential, enhancing ministry and operation, and creating new sources of capital for the church in the process - all under the absolute control of the church. This unique program combines solutions for both the need for capital and the desire to increase ministry. Not only can development provide an alternate source of income, but because the church is able to completely control its environment, even retail or commercial development can be used to support extended and diverse ministry programs. In the case of retirement center development, the opportunities of ministry and alternate revenue sources come together in a beautifully successful venture with federal subsidy opportunities.

Recognize potential for your church?

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