Siebenlist Architects Understands Churches

Siebenlist Architects is a full-service firm specializing in faith-based projects across the USA. The diverse experience of our talented team in master planning, design, development and construction, as well as church staff operation, is all applied from the core of our expertise...understanding churches.

Our practice is based on the reality that vision, master planning, design, development and construction are simply not separate and distinct tasks. Addressing all of these issues from the perspective of our client's agenda, we are able to produce projects that easily accomplish the objectives of each church.

A project's success can be measured in many ways, but the most important is the satisfaction of the client. Architecturally, acoustically, financially, however your project priorities are defined, your agenda will be our directive.

Design: Master Planning, Image, Acoustics, Multi-Purpose
Construction: Design/Build, Construction Management, Small Projects, Bridging
Development: Retirement Centers, Mixed Use, Property Entitlement
Owner's Representative: Financial/Fundraising, Project Definition and Strategy

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Buddy Siebenlist, Principal

As the Founder of Siebenlist Architects, Buddy Siebenlist has over 20 years of professional success in architecture, construction and development. 

Church staff experience as Director of Facilities at a mega-church with over 22,000 members, K-12 School, Day Care, Restaurants, TV/Radio Media, etc., has provided Buddy with unique insight and understanding about the operation and agenda of churches of all sizes and ministries.

"Seeing the big picture" quickly and easily, his expertise includes matching unique church project criteria (acoustics, image, master plan flexibility, etc.) within project budget prioritization. The result has meant the start-up and completion of numerous projects that would have otherwise been stuck in budget deadlock. A resolute problem-solver, Buddy has a reputation for bringing projects to fruition.

Certified nationally with current licensing in 17 states, he has church projects of all types and sizes ranging from Miami to Albuquerque and beyond, and his work has been recognized by a variety of magazines and publications. For nine years Buddy was honored to serve as the Architect Consultant to the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, utilizing his experience in church master planning, design, construction, and development.

Buddy and wife Sharon have two girls, Rachel ('93) and Allison ('98). They live near Tyler, Texas, where their passions include raising and showing cutting horses.

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